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What are Wind Tunnels?

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What is Air Resistance?


Wind Tunnels are used in motorsport to test certain car designs and specifications
to find out if they work and how well they work in as near to a real situation as possible.

A smaller model of the teams real car is made and placed inside the tunnel to see how well it withstands the testing conditions.

The wind tunnel is a tube, round or rectangular.
It is equipped with a fan so that air can be driven through the tube at a constant and controlled speed. Once the model is in place a stream of air is sent through the tunnel Downforce and drag results at particular speeds can then be measured .

model of a wind tunnel at cranfield university

Wind tunnels are often designed so that the air flowing past the model is reused. These tunnels, 're-circulating tunnels' save power as the air does not have to be accelerated to working speed continuously, but are more complex and expensive to build.

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